Some delights are embodied in objects such as a slice of baked New York cheese cake or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Other delights are more abstract. Abstract delights are pleasingly evident when one thinks about Critical Thinking, Consilience, Evolutionary Biology, Set Theory, Provability Logic, or Music.

I am also interested in Knowledge Management (interpreted as "continuous improvement"), history, good wine, plants, dogs, mountains & deserts.
These pages are about such delights...

The bunny, for example, although she looks so solid to us is really quite delightfully abstract. She is a conformal structure bunny invented by professors X. Gu and S.T. Yau; an image from an algorithmic method for tackling fundamental problems in computer aided geometry design.
The image is used on these pages by kind permission of professors X. Gu and S.T. Yau. Vide; X. Gu and S.T. Yau, "Computing Conformal Structures of Surfaces", Communications in Information and Systems, Vol.2, No. 2, pp. 121-146, December 2002. International Press & professors Gu and Yau, are the copyright holders.

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When facts change your mind, that's science.